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Tulane-Lakeside is a busy place these days. The hospital that sits by I-10, just west of the Causeway, has long been a place where babies are born. Now, after more than 100,000 deliveries, the newborn nursery and the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) are getting renovations to go with the new technologies and strategies that we’ve adopted in recent years.

In the newborn nursery, we still have those big windows, where you can come to see the babies, but we also have a policy of getting those babies out to the mother’s rooms so they can get a jump start on breast feeding. We know that breast milk is best and we have designed our recently finished nursery such that it is situated right in the middle of the post partum ward. Healthy babies do best if they are bonding with their parents as soon as possible.

On the other hand, babies that are sick also need a special place. Our newly renovated, state of the art NICU will be ready for occupancy in early 2011 with 26 patient beds, a procedure room, “rooming in” rooms, and plenty of space for parents to come and spend time with their child. There will be large “kangaroo” chairs to facilitate skin-to-skin bonding early on.  Later they can be used for breast feeding as the infants improve.

We also have state of the art technology. Tulane-Lakeside is the state leader in total body cooling, a therapy for infants who suffer partial asphyxia at birth. We have perfected non-invasive ventilation strategies in our unit because we know that babies who have to live on ventilators have worse outcomes. We are focused on nutrition and growth optimization, so that premature infants outgrow their problems (rather than get medicated for them). Finally, we are very selective about which medications we use. Even the antibiotics we choose are selected to optimize normal development. Every choice we make for your child is made with his or her future potential in mind.

At Tulane-Lakeside, we know it’s your baby. We want the best for it too.


This website is the intellectual property of Dr Phillip Gordon. Dr Gordon is affiliated with Tulane School of Medicine and is the Section Head of Neonatology. However, this website has no formal or legal affiliation with Tulane or the Hospital Corporation of America.


This site has been created as an information clearing house for data and guidelines related to neonatal patient care, care giver education, and basic concept education at Tulane Lakeside NICU. Its primary mission is to support a culture in which we are constantly standardizing, re-evaluating, and improving upon neonatal care. As the medical director of the Tulane Lakeside NICU, Dr Gordon is responsible for this site’s educational content and upkeep. Please report errors or typos directly to him.


None of the information on this site should be considered to be a finished product, to be warranted or certified. In some cases, documents in draft will be loaded to allow staff to review them prior to submission for committee approval.  Although we encourage caregivers and students from other institutions to access the site for their education and to compare and contrast ongoing or potential practices at different sites, neonatal care quality rests squarely upon the point of care at the bedside and upon the shoulders of bedside caregivers. All such individuals are responsible for double checking/confirming any dosages found here. They are responsible for determining the appropriate setting  and application of such interventions. A blog or website can never and should never be used as a substitute for clinical thinking at the bedside. If our ideas are valuable, great. If they are in any way inappropriate for your practice environment/culture, or your patients, good for you for being able to be cognizant of that. Ultimately, we are not responsible for any actions you might or might not take because of something you read here at this site. Because this is a working site, primarily designed to disseminate information, comments have been disabled. However, if you feel that you have important feedback to give, Dr Gordon can be reached at pgordon1@tulane.edu. Neonatology is a vast discipline with broad deviations in practice. We are not particularly interested in comments from individuals who are simply practicing in different realms of the neonatal care spectrum or who think our practice is deviating too quickly from traditional ( i.e. dated) methodologies. We are interested if you have noted a complication or adverse outcome using a similar practice or if you have a modification in practice that you think is an improvement upon one of our own recent methodology changes. Dr Gordon advocates three fundamental principles for improving neonatal care: 1) first, do no harm. 2) just because you’ve always done it a certain way does not mean that it’s good medicine. 3) data beats anecdote, logic beats opinion; data + logic = progress.

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